Gita introduced us to Epicure a few months ago and it was love at first sight for us. We love the tools we have tried, the spiralizer and crisper are our favorites. The products we love are Paris bistro - amazing we use it on everything and even make salad dressings, the coat and cook and the rosemary and garlic on sweet potato fries are delicious.
Everything we have bought we love. It is so important to us to eat clean, this is one of the very few companies that make it easy for us to stay true to that goal.
Thank you
As a mom of four and with my husband and myself working full-time, food had become one of our family's dirty little secrets! I have to admit my goal was to feed the kids as fast as I could, with as little effort and clean-up as possible. This meant I was relying on fast food and convenience foods ‎all of which are pre-packaged, full of sodium and mainly frozen. With all 4 kids going in different directions after school and working late (plus on the weekends sometimes) what I was feeding my family had become something I didn't even consciously think about anymore.
I was introduced to Epicure at a cooking class and ‎I was so excited to see a healthy, fresh and delicious meal prepared and to the table in 20 minutes that I was literally bursting with possibility. I mean here was this amazing product (non GMO, low sodium, organic) which was economical in comparison to the 'other' stuff I was buying at the grocery store and gave me all the flavors (and veggies) I was looking for in a meal. And here is the BIG one, it was something both me and my husband (plus even the kiddies) could make together!!!!
Since we started using Epicure for our meals, I not only feel empowered as a mom and cook, but I feel as though I am giving my family a whole new experience with food, flavours, and health.
Martha, Registered Nurse, Masters student, Mother of four
As a busy young professional, Epicure has made healthy eating quick and easy! Whether I’m using the Rosemary & Garlic marinade on my chicken and sweet potatoes to make a no-fuss, no mess dinner, or sprinkling the chocolate sprinkles on my Greek yogurt for a delicious, filling crunch, I swear by Epicure to help me eat healthy while I’m on the run.
Tristan, 28 yr old, on-the-go city gal