90 Days Back to Health


May 8, 2016


““My point is, life is about balance. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The pina and the colada.”
- ELLEN DeGENERES, Seriously...I'm Kidding
I have a fascination with photos of elegant older women. I'm most captivated by those with light still shining in their eyes, the lines of countless experiences in their skin, and a peacefulness that comes only with a life fulfilled. They've finally arrived; discovered life's true beauty. They don't rise high and crash hard, but are like slow moving water that runs deep.
I'm not going to write today about the very extensive and complex subject of ageing gracefully. Instead I want to share my observation relating to one dimension only - a relationship to food and our health over the course of a lifetime. The process of living in a way that gives us energy to live life fully, gets us to those final years still feeling amazing in the body into which we were born, and looking that way too.
What is it to be healthy for decades?  To eat as we were created to. There are millions of articles, programs, and frankly gimmicks out there wanting to tell us. But let's ask ourselves an honest question: don't we all know deep down inside what being healthy is? We observe it all the time and recognize it instantly. It's the woman going up to the buffet and returning with a plate of veggies and chicken despite the endless selection of deep fried options.  It's the couple walking briskly with their dog early every morning. It's the family who eats home cooked meals almost always despite their hectic schedules.
These people are rarely extreme. But you'll notice, they say "no" to indulgences, more than "yes". They walk the path of health one step at a time, every single day, with every single choice.
We want to figure out how to do that. Become that person. But we aren't yet motivated. We don't know how to start. So, I want you to watch something.
CLICK ON THE VIDEO BELOW and then let's chat.

90 Days back to Health.
Motivating huh? It was for me.
I've shared with you before, I am pretty good about my family's food. But I slip up. And it's hard to start over when slipping is now a way of life.
When I found out about Epicure's new 90 Day Program to kick-start the habits needed for a lifetime of Healthy Eating, it was my reawakening. I had that feeling...the one I talked about a couple minutes ago, when I read through the Good Food. Real Results. program. I knew in my heart it is what balanced, sustainable, healthy eating looks like for me, my family, for everyone.
I've recommitted. I'm relearning how to eat clean, every meal, every day. My family and I will be following the 90 day Good Food. Real Results. program. Following it exactly as it's designed. Honestly, it's going to take the pressure off finding recipes, and meal planning for the next 3 months. I'm so excited!
I invite you to join us. EMAIL ME to learn more! It's going to be one tasty journey!
With warmth,

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